Wednesday, April 1, 2015

His Name

So I got a bunch of questions/comments about our newest little man's name so I thought I would explain it here really quick how we came up with it!

I wanted to stick with a Scandinavian theme to go with Jasper (Jesper in Swedish) and Tindra. But after deciding that, it got hard. 

My requirements: That I not know anyone with this name. Thats slightly difficult if you really think about it. It wasn't just that I not know anyone currently, I didn't want to ever have met/known anyone with the name. 

Had to be able to pronounced easily in English. I mean..we live in America. And a lot of Swedish names I like would easily be butchered here. So that narrowed the list down a bit.

I found some website with Swedish/Scandinavian names and emailed Drew a list of about 10 in maybe November? December? Drew was kind of like eh. They are okay. Except he liked one. And as soon as he said it out loud (which I had. yet to do, just went by how they looked on paper) I immediately nixed it even though it was on MY list. Whoops.

We talked about these names and a few others but couldn't agree so we stopped talking aboteut. Third child and all, nothing seems that pressing.

A few weeks before he was due we started talking about names some more. Still nothing.

Even as soon as he came out, with the craziness of the day (will blog about that later!) we didn't talk names. Drew went home to get the kids..still no name. 

Finally at maybe 3 AM when I was up feeding the little man I texted Drew a picture of him and said I think he's a Soren Anders (we had agreed on the middle name a few months before) and no answer obviously because hello.. 3 AM. 

The next morning he texted saying him and Tindra would be by soon after they dropped Jasper off at school, and asked how Soren was doing it. So I guessed it was a done deal? But held off on announcing obviously till Drew and I could discuss in person. But that's how we became Soren! And that was originally on the list I emailed Drew but wasn't even the top 1-2 I wanted till after I had spent the day with him.

And Anders. That's a little simpler. As soon as I thought of it and ran it by Drew he was like yep. That's perfect. 

So Drew's name is Andrew. Anders is kind of the Swedish version of Andrew. When I first introduced Drew to my farmor (father's mother) in Sweden in 2009 she was like Nope can't say that, I'm going to call him Anders. So she did. 

Jasper's middle name is Andrew. After his dad obviously.

So we thought it was totally fitting that all three boys in our little family be a form of Andrew.  Drew, Jasper Andrew, and now Soren Anders. 

And that's how we came up with his name!

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  1. omg love it!- Jen S

  2. I just love your kids names!

  3. I just came across your blog and I can't wait to read more! Your children are so adorable! I am about to have my first little one, literally, any minute now, and so I love reading other mom's stories! Following all your accounts! :)