Thursday, June 5, 2014

Splurge vs. Save

So last week I decided it was time to hop on the whole romper trend. I know. I know. I will probably look like a 7 yeat old, but they look so cute and comfortable so I thought it was time. I was on the look out for a white romper for this summer (more specifically, for our upcoming Europe vacation) and even though I might regret white with two kids, it's what I wanted. And once I have my mind set on something specific I want..there's no going back!
So I spent nap time one day last week scouring the internet for a white romper. Not as easy to find as one would think! I found one that looks Amazing from Jcrew. Of course. Only problem? It's $750. Nope not happening. 
So back to the drawing board I went. And this time to Nordstroms where I found this beauty. This one was a lot more reasonable at $98. I have no problem spending a hundred on a pair of jeans I will wear all the time, but a romper I might wear twice before I decide I hate it or my children stain it with their chocolate/blueberry fingers? A romper is just not something at this point I wanted to splurge on. Jeans or shoes? Sure. But not this. 
I was returning something at Gap that didn't fit Drew when I decided to pop into Forever21. I hadn't been in forever, but I figured that would be a good place to look for rompers. And tadaaaa I found the one! 
The one I found in the store isn't exactly like this one, but it's Really close! And for $20 I'm very happy with it! Now hopefully I can wear it for more than 20 minutes before a toddler ruins it with her dirty fingers! If not..well like I said, it was only $20!

I was asked by Credit Card Insider as part of their Save vs. Splurge campaign to share a recent save! Do you guys have any items you will specifically save vs. splurge on? 
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  1. splurge: shoes, bags, save: everything else!

  2. Mine are flip flops they never last more then a summer! So I either wait for a sale on a pair I like or buy cheaper ones lol

  3. You are one brave woman! I don't think I would be caught dead in one of those. Lol!