Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Lately

Currently sitting (most likely) in a hot springs in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland. That is if we survived the plane ride with two kids, one who hates being restrained. Okay make that two but at least the 6 year old can at least be reasoned with. Most of the time. 

^Exhausted after spending two days with a 3 month old and two just turned 2 year olds..^

^Hanging lights in our tree. Cozy, cozy summer nights are here!^
^Current favorite game in our house. The baby pushes the big boy on the car^
^Everyone doing Saturday morning chores. One of them is cleaning off the high chairs^
^Helping papa with the car^

^Elementary school dance. Cutest thing ever. Also, I had the best looking date there. Obviously^
^Farmers market bike rides and breakfast. Every Saturday^

^Swedish school graduation^

^Love them^
^We like coffee, okay? Don't worry it was empty^

^Life changing Bike. I'll blog more about that later^
^Saying goodbye to Kym. I still haven't forgiven her for leaving^
^Saying goodbye to Sarah, why do all my bloggy buddies leave??^

^Zoo trips. We have been twice since then^
^Pinata time at a friends birthday^

^Family visits are the best!^
^He gave her a horse for her birthday so she gave him a kiss.naturally^
^Library play^
^Bathroom potty breaks in the back of the portapotty suburban^

^She's so sassy^
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  1. That bike is amazing! Just came across your blog recently and love it! Enjoy Iceland! It's always been on my list. Can't wait to see photos :)