Thursday, June 12, 2014

Checking in! And Watermelon icee

Apparently I have gone on a summer hiatus! Though not really, just been lazy at the computer this week. I have been spending nap time cuddling up with Jasper reading and napping and I can't even begin to tell you how magical that has been. This boy hasn't wanted to nap with me since he could crawl, and here he is at almost 7 (!!!) asking me to lay down with him in the afternoons while Tindra naps. And most of the time we fall asleep ourselves. Bliss I tell ya. Pure bliss. 

Day four of summer break has wrapped up and each day is as great, if not greater than our first. We have been to the zoo, parks, playdates, the works. And every afternoon has included one of these..

Jasper calls it an icee, Tindra calls it a juicy. They both call it delicious!

I've been asked several times for the 'recipe' so here it is, though I don't think you can even call it a recipe!

A bunch of watermelon scooped out of the melon

6-7 large ice cubes

A large handful of chunks of frozen mango

That's it. Throw it in the blender, if it's too thick add a tiny bit of water. 

It's super refreshing and healthy. And it gives me a great option to counter with when the kiddos ask for ice cream, no complaints!

Hope your summer is off to as great of a start as ours is! 

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