Monday, June 9, 2014

First day of summer break.

And it was just perfect. Nothing major or exciting happened. But I had both my babies home, nice cool weather and sunshine, and nothing can beat that.

There were exactly zero Monday morning blues.

There was no rushing the kids to eat breakfast and get dressed so we could get Jasper to school on time (which by the way I have to brag about because Jasper got a certificate last week for being on time Every Single Day of the school year, apparently not many of those were handed out.) In fact, breakfast was a slow affair, I, not usually a breakfast eat, got to get dressed and sip my iced coffee before the ice melted (!!!) while the kids ate and watched some Pippi in Swedish. Jasper convinced me that wasn't really watching TV since it's in Swedish which means he's working on his Swedish. Smart one. He knows how to play me.

After the kids enjoyed a slow breakfast we decided to head to the Y so I could work out and the kids play. I'm usually rushing to get a quick work out in when I go with Jasper after school (and Tindra too of course) because I don't like to be away from him any longer than necessary with him in school most of the day, but he has made lots of friends there and always enjoys going. But I still always rush. Not today! Had a slow 50 min. of cardio followed by another slow 45 min in the weight room. I really enjoyed that time to myself! What a perfect way to start the day!

After the Y we ran a couple of errands, stopped at a park and then celebrated with a Cafe Rio lunch. Jasper's choice. Tindra proceeded to eat all of mine And Jaspers servings of rice and black beans!

We came home for naps and while I got some work done Jasper ready by himself for 45 min and then get this, Jasper and I took a 40 min nap together!! I don't think that has happened since he was maybe one. I'm hoping thats a summer ritual because that is definitely something I would get on board with!

After naps we went to sign up for the summer reading program, which Jasper has been talking about all week! Sure do love that little reader of mine..

We concluded the evening with a family bike ride to our favorite ice cream place.

Welcome Summer. We have been waiting for you.

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  1. That sounds lovely! I have 2 months of summer now with my little girl and it's been nothing but relaxing and fun :)

  2. i can tell you make every day so special for your children!