Sunday, March 17, 2013


Random jumbled thoughts on our Saturday downtown. 

We rushed to get to the light rail on time. Made it with Maybe 2 minutes to spare. And then we remembered the machine only takes cash, and we had exactly $6 between the two of us. So we had to go get cash. And coffee. 

Cash and coffee in hand we made it onto the light rail to take it downtown for the Saint Patricks day parade.

We made it just in time for Jasper to see the start of the parade from the top of his dads shoulders while I stood back a little with Tindra. I'm Not a huge fan of people crowding me. And when these people are drunk and loud? No thanks.

You guys, St Patty's day brings out the crazies. At least in Denver.

Luckily, Drew's friend was working security for the VIP area, right in front of coors field and he had a couple of tickets to get us in! Now THIS is the way to watch a parade.

Front row seats.
Actual seats!
Free food! The Mongolian chicken and rice were superb. As was the BBQ chicken.
Free beer! (Not for me, not a beer drinker)
And best of all, bathrooms!! 

Tindra finally fell asleep in the mai tai, and of course it was Right before we got to the VIP bathrooms, and I wasn't going to try to use a portapotty with a baby strapped to my chest. No way. So. That was a painful hour. 

I ended up talking to a mom who apparently lives exactly 1 block from us! Denver can feel like a small town sometimes though it's definitely not.

After we got back and everyone had napped we headed out for a greasy burger, fries and a mouth watering mint shake. Pretty fantastic saturday!

Tindra got to try a couple of sips of the shake, and it's safe to say, she was a huge fan.

Oh and during nap time Drew ran to the P.O box, AND stopped and picked me up this beauty I have been eyeing for the last two weeks. I love her. I think I will call her Sunshine. 

Now, does anyone have any baby bike seat recommendations? I don't want a bike trailer, but an actual seat. Anyone, anyone? 


  1. Lovely kids , seems you all had a good day on parade. Yay free food :D
    New follower :)
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

    1. Hi! Yes such a great day- free food always tastes better :)

  2. Ooh, I love that bike! I need a new one too!
    And I need a bike seat, I'm eyeing these fun ones:

    Can't wait for my birthday :)

    Looks like you had a fun day!


    1. Ooh that looks like a good one! Pretty much everyone rides a bike everywhere in Holland right? Or is that just one of those stereotypes :)

    2. Nope, not a stereotype, it's the truth :)

  3. let us know if you find a good bike seat! i'm looking for one too!

  4. When did they get so BIG? Hope your well my friend. xo