Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pretending we are Real Swedes

And not just the half Swedes we really are. Okay if you want to get technical and mathematical I'm the half Swede and the kiddos 1/4 and Drew..well I guess he's half Swedish by marriage? 

Anyway on Saturday we found ourselves in a mini blizzard (as opposed to last weekend when I wore a skirt. Colorado is kind of a B like that) and Jasper doesn't do to well with the 'hey lets just hang out inside all day and cuddle and watch movies' I had originally planned so it was obvious we needed to get OUT for all of our sanity. But there isn't a whole lot do in the middle of a blizzard. Denver drivers get ridiculous at the first sight of snow so I don't like to drive when it snows because of crazy/terrified drivers so driving anywhere was last option. 

So my brilliant plan was to walk 1.7 miles to panera for some broccoli cheddar soup and a sierra turkey sandwich. Brilliant right? 

Jasper was obviously on board and started getting his gear on the second I even mentioned it.

Drew on the other hand needed some convincing. But all I had to do was remind him that this was basically our life every day for three months while we were in Sweden. That, and Jasper's 6th meltdown in as many minutes (told ya he hates being cooped up) had him gearing up as well.

Being out in the snow walking around always reminds me of Sweden. It's sort of magical walking around the city with not another soul in sight. 

On our way to Panera we were in an alley behind Taco Bell. And once Drew smelled Taco Bell and realize Panera was still half a mile away there was no stopping him. So in we went. 

 Tindra would like you to know that it is very difficult to roll over in a snowsuit

It is also difficult to get your fingers in your mouth when your mom sticks your brothers old gloves on you. And yes those reach all the way up to her armpits. But her fingers stayed nice and toasty!

 "Give me a damn taco" 
 I promise I'm not married to a farmer. He just likes to dress like one. He's also not missing half of his finger like it looks like in this picture. 

 All of those tacos are for Drew. 
 Okay just kidding two of them are mine. 

 And this right here proves that we have the best baby in the world. I agreed to help Drew shovel on the condition that he would help me fold the 17 (I wish I was kidding) loads of laundry that I needed to do that night. I was thinking Tindra would freak out after 5 minutes me shoveling and I would have to head in with her. She totally screwed me over and just chilled on the sled for like 35 minutes! Seriously not a peep. Jasper went over and sang to her a few times, but she just laid there on her warm fake fur rug thing. Could be because she couldn't really move in her snowsuit, but she was happy as can be!

 And after spending three hours out walking around in the snow and then another 40 minutes shoveling you don't really feel like cooking. So you eat nachos, warm brie and bread and red velvet cookies. Oh and grapes, so that makes it semi healthy. 

 After we got home I calculated how far we walked, we ended up going to taco bell and then even farther by going to the store before heading home so it ended up being 3.1 miles round trip. That probably burned the calories for the 4 red velvet cookies I ate right?

 The kids stayed nice in warm in their Polarn o Pyret gear, some of it which they sent us back in November but some, like T's shirt and both of their gloves that we have bought ourselves because we are such  HUGE P.OP fans! 


  1. I want your life!! Seriously!

  2. I cant believe you were out walking around in a blizzard!

    1. It was amazing :) As long as you bundle up nice and warm it's a blast!

  3. I thought you guys liked to eat healthy? Tacobell and cookies one day? Doesnt sound too healthy

    1. Everything in moderation! We like to eat healthy, but don't find anything wrong with the occasional unhealthy (and yes taco bell def. isn't healthy!) meal or treat!

  4. This is so something I would do too! Ooh and those tacos look delish! That is something we don't have here in Holland, boo!