Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I'm joining in today with Conversion Diary who I found through Grace, because, well it's Friday afternoon and I don't have a whole lot else going on so whyyyy not. 

1. I decided yesterday while making dinner (salad.  A yummy salad, but still salad) that Friday night would be pizza night. It's going to become a weekly thing. We probably eat pizza once a week anyway, but having a special night for it seems more fun. Also we are making our own pizza. Except I bought pre made dough at Safeway, because come on. Can't get too crazy here. BUT I will be throwing spinach on there, so that totally makes up for the insane amount of cheese that will be going on it.

2. I attempted running again with the double jogging stroller before picking Jasper up for school today. I barely survived. And once you found out how little running was actually involved you are going to laugh. I'm back to doing day one of couch to 5k. I had basically made it to the end (I improvised some) on the treadmill, but with 50+ pounds of jogging stroller and I can barely go a block. So, back to the beginning we go. 

3. It's supposed to be in the low 60's on Sunday and 50's tomorrow. You better believe I'll be wearing a skirt or a dress, deciding who gets to dusted off to celebrate spring arriving is yet to be determined. And I guess that means I have a date with my razor tonight. Your welcome Drew. 

4. I decided this week it's time to get our Costco membership back. So that's on the list for this weekend. I'm kind of embarrassed how excited I am about this. 

5. Through girls night a few nights ago I discovered that Target has Panera Dressing! Did you know this? I promptly went out and bought it and it Might have changed my life for the better. Seriously Go check it out. 

6.I asked Jasper to play a game with me after school while T naps and he said "No thanks Mom, I'm going to go work at my desk" So. He would rather pretend he's working then play with me. 

7. I've got an official nap striker. Tindra took 1.5 hrs to get her down for her morning nap and 30 min to get her down for her afternoon nap. And yesterday she refused her afternoon nap completely. What. The (insert choice word here) I mean seriously what IS this? I'm about ready to tear my hair out.

And now I'm going to start making pizza for our pizza night. Then Drew and I have a lovely date planned. It involves catching up on our DVR while folding approximately 9 loads of laundry. He isn't aware of this amazing date I have planned but I'm sure he will be Thrilled right? 


  1. Oh my gosh you are too funny. And I bet you will look great in a dress

  2. we have homemade pizza on wednesday :)