Monday, March 25, 2013

Apparently 'cleansing' makes me a grouch

Just ask my husband and kiddos. 

On Friday morning I decided, literally that morning, that I was going to do a cleanse. I've been thinking/talking about doing one since I was pregnant, but decided for some reason, this was the time. Don't ask me why I thought the day Drew was leaving me alone with the kids to go on an ice fishing trip was a good day to start. Or the day before we got snowed in at the house for 30 straight house. Because looking back, Friday was a really shitty day to start a cleanse. But regardless, I did.

I'm doing the 'cabbage soup diet' which I'm not sure why it's called diet since it says it's a 7 day cleanse.  But obviously I didn't name it. 

I knew going in I wasn't going to do a full 7 days, towards the end you are eating a lot of beef and tomatoes (one day) and I don't eat a whole lot of red meat (like Maybe once a month) but I wasn't even sure I was going to last one day. I was thinking Maybe three days tops. And here we are, starting day 4. 

Here's how it's going so far. 

I'm allowing some cheats so maybe it's not a True cleanse, but I'm also breastfeeding still, so I think some cheats are necessary. Or maybe I'm just lazy and weak. Probably, at least to the weak part. 

Day 1. Supposed to eat as much fruit as you want (except NO bananas) and the cabbage soup. I made a huge batch on Friday and am no where near being done with it. It's edible, but not delicious by any means. 
Had black berries, watermelon, cantaloupe, a banana, two bowls of soups with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, drank water, coffee,  and un sweetened tea. 

Coffee is my 'big' cheat. I drink international delight vanilla coffee, which is maybe at best like 70% coffee and a Whole lot of calories and sugar Like 400-500 calories worth of coffee. But without it I don't think, scratch that, there's no WAY I would have made it through even day one. 

Day 2. Supposed to eat all the raw or cooked veggies I want, plus the soup. Plus a big baked potato at the end of the day WITH butter. Hallelujah. 

Had fried potatoes with butter and seasonings, huge carrots w two tiny tablespoons of hummus, baked potato with butter and baked zucchini, and coffee. Pretty sure I wasn't supposed to have friend potatoes (fingerling potatoes) but hey it's a vegetable so there. 
I ended up Not having the soup. Just didn't sound good. For some reason I felt pretty nauseous after eating the baked potato. Almost couldn't finish it. And you better believe I bought The biggest potato to bake you have ever seen. Obviously.

Day. 3. Man I was a grump yesterday. Like pretty much all day :/ Apparently I need processed crap in my body!
Supposed to eat all the fruits and veggies I want, minus bananas or baked potatoes, Plus the soup.

Ate, Fried potatoes with some butter and seasonings, coffee, 1 bowl of soup ,naked juice (twice) three cuties, baked zucchini and sugar snap peas (baked in butter and garlic powder) Hardest day so far for some reason.

Weakest moment of the day? Licking the spatula that I used to take Jasper and Tindra's pizza out of the oven. Nope don't regret that one bit. At least I didn't have any pizza!

Today I think will be harder. It's day 4 and I'm supposed to eat up to 8 bananas and drink as many glasses of skim milk I want, plus the soup. We shall see how that goes. 

*update, it's now 4 PM and I've made it through the first part of the day with just bananas (with some almond butter) and coffee. And we were at the pool for almost 4 hours with a whole bunch of cookies and snacks for the kiddos. I stayed strong! But damn I wanted a whole handful of cheetos. And my friends choc. chip cookies. BUT nope just ate my banana and sipped my coffee. *

IF, thats a big IF, I make it through today and decide to continue on to day 5, I'm supposed to eat up to 20 oz of beef and 5 fresh tomatoes and the soup. That might be fine for like a lunch or dinner, but come on, beef for breakfast? Gross. Maybe I'll improvise and eat some fruit or fried potatoes for breakfast. But whoa getting WAY ahead of myself here. Let's see if I can even make it through banana and milk day. I should probably mention that I don't like milk. So, there's that. 


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  2. Girl I could NOT do that! Props to you

  3. Wow! Stay strong throughout the rest of the day. And good luck if you decide to do day 5! I might have to try this cleanse, but I wouldn't be able to say bye to my coffee either!

    1. it was hard but honestly not as hard as I thought it would be!!....though I didn't go for day five and went for five guys burger and fries and an ice cream cone instead..

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  5. Good luck with the 8 bananas, haha :) I'm not sure I could do it!
    Good for you though!

  6. A girl I work with is on that diet too. It does not look fun :/ good luck!

    1. hopefully she did better to me! I quit after day 4!