Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Operation:Get baby OUT

I used to think people complaining once they were full time that they wanted baby out were kind of selfish. Like come on, you have been pregnant for 9 months, what's another couple of weeks, right? WRONG! These last few weeks are miserable this time around. I'm pretty much not sleeping at all- sure I doze on and off for 20/30 min at a time, but at night time I'm so stuffed up and congested I can't swallow or breathe unless sitting up straight- and me sleeping while sitting up just does Not happen. This congestion thing has been going on a few months now (apparently pregnancy related) and just has gotten so much worse over the last month. You should see the bags under my eyes! So yeah, this time around I'm more ready to have her out at 37.5 weeks than I was at 42 weeks with Jasper. Plus I was 42 weeks pregnant last time- I think it's only fair I get a couple of weeks shaved off this time around!

So operation:get baby out is officially under way. Last night we had super spicy asian cuisine, this morning I spent almost 4 hrs walking around the zoo. So PLEASE, if you have any natural ways to encourage her to come (ZERO interested in trying castor oil!) pretty please send them my way. Did anything work to get your baby out? I'm at about a 2CM dilated and have been at least since last Tuesday so she's making progress- just need to help her speed up that progress!


  1. my only advice for this situation...and I totally believe what got me dialating was climaxing. ;)

  2. I used to work on Labor/Delivery sperm and orgasm are the most natural ways to get things going...I know, I can't believe I just typed that.

    Also, I would try squats and walking around every couple of hours.

    But sex is the best method since the little spermies help soften the fluid sack and orgasms are all about pelvic contractions...

    1. Trust me it's the one thing we have tried a LOT over the last couple of weeks because that's what I've heard as well- maybe that's what got me to 2 cm but I seem to be STUCK there!

  3. Hope that little girl decides to meet her mamma soon! Congestion is one of those pregnancy symptoms that makes no sense... Yuck.

  4. Nipple stim, baby. Also L & D nurse here. Good luck!