Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've never been a thrifter.

In fact, it grossed me out. Still does actually. The one and only time I went into a thrift store, the Arc, was Sophomore year in college when Drew I decided to go look for Halloween costumes. He found a 'pimp' hat and we quickly decided he would be my pimp and I his ho. Romantic huh? So that was my one and only thrifting experience. 

Oh you want to see our outfits? Okay if you insist. 

Yes, we look absolutely ridiculous. And yes I look extremely slutty, but to be fair it Was Halloween and we were 20. 

So there's my first thrift purchase- that bra/shirt whatever you want to call it, the hooker boots and Drew's entire outfit. You should be glad to know that was the only time I ever wore either of those items. And I'm almost positive the same can be said for Drew.

Fast forward a few years,it's 2009 and we are in Karlstad, Sweden. We happen across this cool store in the basement of a little mini mall right next to our apartment. It's technically a thrift store- but without the nasty smell. We bought Jasper a few toys since we went there with only a suitcase full of toys. And then we started frequenting this shop every week to see what cool Swedish nicknacks we can find. And some day I'll have to show you all the goodies we found- because there are a LOT. And super cheap (the only thing in Sweden that was cheap!)

We left Sweden and I didn't enter another thrift store. Then some of you blogging mamma's started showing off all the goods you were buying for super cheap from thrifting and I have to admit, I was intrigued.

And then I happened across a kids consignment store in a nearby 'posh' neighborhood of Denver so I of course decided to check it out. And was floored by all the cute, unique, imaculate condition baby girl dresses I found! I was in shopping Heaven!!

But here's the thing, the prizes really weren't That amazing. Dresses for $8-12. Sure that's good- but I'm an awesome sales shopper so I can find good deals at my fav baby stores (GAP, Carter's etc) for those prices often. Plus we have a to die for outlet mall just 30 min away- so after a few trips I realized if I wanted to really try the thrifting thing for those dirt cheap prices I was going to have to step even further out of my comfort zone.

So one day after dropping Jasper off at preschool I decided to just do it. Go into the Arc store I'd driven past every Tues. and Thursday since August. And you know what? It smelled Just as nasty as I imagined. What's UP with that? And the floors were grimy. And I felt icky being in there. But i figured since I had made it in I might as check out the kid clothes that I came in for.

It didn't take long going through the boys clothes to realize there was nothing there for Jasper.
But once I got over to the girls clothes? I was pleasantly surprised! There were some CUTE stuff! And at the kind of prices you guys have been talking about!

I got 2 Adorable dresses with bonnets for $3 each!!

 Dresses I found at the children's consignment store
One of the dresses I found for $3!!

So while I'm as far from an expert thrifter ( I think you might have to go more than 3 times to be considered for the title) I did have fun and baby girl got some adorable outfits out of it! And yes, I did run next door to walgreens to buy hand sanitizer immediately after because I was out but baby steps people!


  1. Yikes - i've never been to an actual thrift shop - more because I never think of it but I love the posh consignment shop we have and they have huge sails at end of season to get rid of clothes before changing seasons so I was getting items for $3. I may have to make my way to a real thrift shop at some point.

  2. We have a consignment shop in town that sells just gently used kids/baby stuff. We're talking onesies in like-new condition for 50 CENTS! Heck yes. I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl. Definitely planning on shopping there. I think consignment/thrift stores are better for kids purchases than adults because they grow soooo fast that they outgrow the clothes long before they wear them out!