Monday, April 30, 2012

Missing Sweden..

Time for another Sweden recap!

So the little American stroller we had bought to bring with us didn't last very long. We bought it because it was small (we knew we would be living on the 4th floor of an apartment building with no elevator) but it was more than just an umbrella stroller because it leaned pretty far back so he could still nap in it. 

I kept seeing these awesome prams everywhere and got it in my head that I just HAD to have one! Best money ever spent. When you spend 7 months with only riding in a car on 3 separate occasions and you spend your days walking and taking busses- you NEED a good stroller. Plus when we would travel places he would sleep in the bassinet part because he refused to sleep in bed with us. 

We found this one for a really good price- and Drew, with minimal help from me, had to get that huge box, which was also really heavy, on and off 2 different busses, across the street and up 4 flights of stairs.. 

 Bonus: that box provided hours and hours of entertainment for weeks afterwards
 Jasper loved sitting under there- he would have snacks, a 'baba' or read books under there. That is until we figured out we had a storage unit on the bottom floor of our apartment building and we no longer had to pull that monster up and down 4 flights a stairs multiple times a day. It was seriously a work out doing that
 So bundled up you can barely see that there is a toddler under there. We spent hours outside every single day, in 5-20 degree weather and never once heard a complaint out of Jasper. He loves the cold

 These next two pictures are some of my favorite pictures of all time

I love that walking country roads in the middle of winter were totally in the norm for us..oh how I miss it

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  1. självklart! I never appreciated the 'all-terrain' typical Swedish stroller until I had a baby in two different ones that could not handle the sidewalks of Chicago or mud or snow...
    We were lucky that farmor and farar imported us an Emmaljunga.