Thursday, April 12, 2012


My little bits of happiness this week

 Little man and I had a slumber party last weekend. We kicked the pappa out and watched movies, told stories in the dark and snuggled all night long. Trying to drink in as much Jasper/Mamma time before things change in a big way. 
 Getting baby girl's closet organized brings a big smile to my face
 Jasper's Swedish buddy and her sister came over for a playdate and all three wore their matching sweaters from Sweden! 
 We surprised pappa with a picnic lunch and ate outside in the sun!
 My sweet sweet boy has started helping me get my shoes on, it's getting very difficult to bend over to put them on!
 Jasper sorting his Easter goodies 
 This baby arrived from Iowa on Monday. I have been LOVING driving around in my new car! 
 It RAINED yesterday for the first time since either September or October- and it was a real thunderstorm with tons of rain so we headed out to sit on our patio to watch the rain. So cozy. Jasper was loving it so much he asked if we could sleep outside. 
 Watching the rain. Which turned into hail. 

A good rainstorm makes me happy happy. Too bad they usually don't last more than 20-30 minutes here in CO and are very few and far between. 

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. Those sweaters are so incredibly popular over here!!! They are called "Pippi sweaters" because in the Pippi Longstocking movie, Pippi is wearing one of those. The movie is from the 60's I think, but the sweaters became popular (again, possibly) some year ago. Amazing! Your rainstorm looks like the weather we had last weekend, yuck:(

  2. SUCH a sweet family you have :)