Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Lights Mini Golf

Last weekend we were invited to come check out the holiday lights at Adventure Golf and Raceway and play some mini golf, and we are So glad we did it!

I don't know why we but we haven't gone mini golfing since Tindra was barely walking, and she obviously wasn't into it then. But this time? Everyone had a blast! Tindra was suuuuuper into it, and overtime she made the ball in she would yell "YESSSSS I scored a goal!" and was so excited every single time. 

Jasper was pretty competitive about it and wanted to be sure we were writing down his score every time, and he was getting so good by the end of the 18 holes we did!

I was wearing Soren (who slept most of the time!) so honestly I wasn't thinking I'd do so good. Mini golf (of golf) isn't usually my forte anyway. Welllll apparently my problem all those years was I didn't have a 7 month old strapped to my body. Turns out I'm pretty good under those circumstances! No seriously! I even scored a hole in one! That's like Never happened to me before and I ended up beating Drew by quite a bit! And he's pretty decent at mini golf so that was a big deal to me!

The lights were really cozy, and it was the first time I felt like 'ah, christmas time is here!' From now through New Years is probably my favorite time of the year, but we have had such warm weather till this past week that it hasn't felt like it's really November. But now, I'm in the Christmas mood! I'm going to try to convince Drew to start digging out our decorations this weekend..

Thursday-Sunday nights now through the rest of the year, and every night starting December 17th Adventure Golf and Raceway is open from 5-9 for holiday lights mini golf and we Highly recommend you check it out! Both of the big kids have been asking when we can go back so we might have to squeeze it in again before the end of the year. 

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