Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vampires and Vikings

So I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I used to be sort of 'anti' Halloween? Before you think I'm like the Grinch of Halloween hear me out. Having grown up in Sweden, we just didn't celebrate Halloween there. Apparently its starting to become a 'thing' there now, but during my childhood? Nope, nothing.  My mom threw a Halloween Party for my tiny neighborhood elementary school (think like 50 kids total attended my school) and everyone got to experience it together, but other than that Halloween just didn't exist in my childhood. So by the time I moved to the US and experienced my first Halloween in 5th grade, I was 'too old' to dress up. And we lived out in the country and didn't even have the fun of handing candy out. So anyway, never got the big deal with Halloween. 

But now? Now I get it. And I've been converted. Halloween is Amazing!! The kids had So much fun dressing up and even convinced Drew and I last minute that we needed to Vampires with them as well. 

We decided to go to LarkBurger for lunch Halloween day because kids in costume eat free (!!) and the kids decided to go through the dress up bin and wear different costumes so they could be two different characters, so we had spider man, princess Anna and a wild thing with us for lunch. 

Then it was home for naps and getting ready! When we did boo at the zoo Tindra was very adamant about not wanting 'any creep blood' on her face, but on Saturday she was All about the blood.

 Soren the Great, cutest little Viking Baby ever

 These two are something else. They really got into character as soon as they had their costumes on. 

Now Halloween is over and we naturally have Way to much candy in this house since I'm being a 'mean mom' and only letting them have 1-2 pieces a day. Especially since Tindra came running down the sidewalk from one of the houses yelling " we got skittttttles", not one of those little bags. An entire big bag,  the size of my head. Apparently after the other kids were walking away, the guy called them back and said they won best costumes of the night and 'rewarded' them with a super bag. Thanks for the billion grams of sugar!