Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines Giveaway: Happy Baby Wrap

Throughout this pregnancy I have been sharing a few of my favorite baby products that I have either loved and used in the past or am ridiculously excited to use with (still nameless) baby number 3. The Happy Baby Wrap falls under the 'can't wait to use' category. 

Honestly with Jasper I didn't really get the whole advantage of baby wearing for his first year. And oh boy do I wish I would have. I can't even imagine everything that I could have gotten done during the day if I had actual use of my hands. When he was about a year old someone gave me a baby carrier and I used it some, like when I took Remi to the dog park, and then a bit more when we studied abroad in Sweden for 7 months and were always on the go. But I pretty much always needed Drew to help me get Jasper on my back with that carrier and it just didn't work that well for us.

Fast forward to Tindra, I knew I wanted to find a baby carrier that worked better, and I tried two different ones, and they worked better than the one I used with Jasper, but I never fell in love love with my carriers. It was more of a like like relationship, you get what I'm saying? 

Well after spending some time with the Happy Baby Wrap, I'm convinced it's a love love relationship already and my baby isn't even here yet. I can't even begin to imagine how much easier this wrap is going to make my life in T minus 5 weeks (agh!) 

I visited a friend with a teeny tiny newborn last week and had her test out the wrap for a minute! That made me even more ready to get to test it out on this little guy! 

Some amazing benefits to the Happy Baby Wrap
Wraps are super light without any extra bulk (something I have noticed and hated other wraps have) 
I think I can actually nurse in this one, something I haven't been able to do in any wraps or carriers I have owned
100% adjustable for a perfect fit each time
Can support baby up to 35lbs! Tindra is almost three and still nowhere near that
Wraps are made of super soft organic bamboo

And now one of you YOU lucky mamma's can win probably the best Valentines day present ever  (Drew thinks he's off the hook now since I already have one..) 
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  1. The seafoam green! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!! Baby L, would love it also!!!

  2. I would love this one!!!!

  3. I love the seafoam wrap, it will be perfect for our first baby that we're expecting this summer!

  4. Love all the colors! Reminds me of spring!!!

  5. I love the polka dots and the sapphire wraps!

  6. This would be a lifesaver! I LOVE the slate stripes wrap!

  7. This would be a lifesaver! I LOVE the slate stripes wrap!

  8. I love the polka dot design perfect for either a boy or girl!

  9. i'm a huge fan of the slate stripes! but they're all lovely :)

  10. Love the polka dots. It think the slate stripe is my favourite!!!