Monday, February 9, 2015


Thank God It's Monday. I know, can you believe I just said that? After the weekend we had though, I'm grateful it's over and Monday. New week, has to be better right? Right??

Saturday morning started out great. I had finally remembered to set out the Trader Joe's chocolate croissants I bought a few weeks ago to let them rise over night. So when we woke up Saturday morning all I had to do was pop them in the oven and cut up some fresh fruit while Drew ran and got us coffee. The sun was out, it was going to be 72 degrees again so we opened up the doors and ate a delicious brunch. Then Drew took the kids outside to play before Jasper's basketball game while I ran down to switch out some laundry. Perfect morning right? 

It was till I heard Jasper start to cry followed by Drew screaming DARLENE in a super panicked voice. I knew immediately something was wrong. I sprinted up the stairs faster than any bazillion month preggo has ever ran before, guarantee you. 

Jasper had been walking up the concrete back steps with a mason jar full of water to give to his dog when he tripped and fell, breaking the jar cutting his hand open. We quickly went to urgent care just a few blocks away (where Jasper soaked through his towels covering his hand) and they told us to go to Children's hospital. 

4 hours and 5 stitches later we headed home. To realize that in our hurry to leave, we had left a pot of boiling water with eggs in on the stove. Exploded, black eggs all over the kitchen. And the most horrible smell lingering in our house after two days, even with all the windows open and fans going. 

I have to take a second to brag about Jasper. He had to be in a TON of pain. They were having to have him move all of his cut up bloody fingers to make sure he still had function in them after hitting tendon (but thankfully Not severing them.) But he was so incredibly brave. Didn't shed a tear after the first 5 minutes at home and getting in the car. And Tindra did So good too. Cooped up in a little hospital room  for four hours without any complaint. My kids are such troopers!

So that was our wonderful Saturday.

Sunday we went to look at a house (house hunting!!) that we thought would be perfect for us from the pictures and yard. I had already decorated in my head. Till we got in and realized the layout was just so wrong and chopped up. So back to the drawing board we go. I know we have time, our lease isn't up till September, but I'm getting anxious to find the perfect home for us. 

After we looked at that house we headed to the park with burgers and fries to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather. Jasper and I were kicking his soccer ball around since he can't use his hand, poor guy. Or rather he was running around kicking it, I was walking  waddling after him and Drew and Tindra were playing. All of a sudden I hear Tindra crying, hard. She had slipped on the 4 inches of ice in the entire park and hit her head. Bloody nose, scuffed up nose and forehead and a slightly swollen palm. 

I swear my kids aren't normally this accident prone, but it was a rough weekend for all of us! 

So I'm so thankful we got through the weekend, and next weekend just has to be better.

Oh and while we were in the ER with Jasper I'm pretty sure I was having contractions. Painful lighting bolts and tightening/cramping for 30-40 minutes. I realized it was 1PM and the only thing I had had to drink all day was 1/4 cup of coffee. Drew went and found a nurses station with plastic cups the size of my head so after chugging to cups of that it went away so I'm sure it was just a combination of stress and being dehydrated but it still scared me for a minute. This guy needs to stay put for at least a few more weeks! I think he probably just wanted to join in with worrying his mother like his big brother and sister did this weekend. I can tell he will fit in juuuust fine with this crazy clan! 

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  1. What a weekend! I can imagine you're glad it's over!