Monday, February 23, 2015

I think nesting has set in.

Saturday morning I woke up ( to a little bit of the snow that would fall most of the weekend) and decided, we were spending the morning cleaning, organizing and getting ready for baby. Seems fitting since he will be here in less than 3 weeks! 

I folded countless loads of laundry, stripped everyones beds and washed all the sheets, comforters, pillow cases etc in the whole house, I even scrubbed our bedroom floor. I can't even remember the last time that was done if I'm being completely honest. 

Then I headed out to the mall with a friend for sort of a last girls afternoon/evening out. We went and got pedicures (where I treated myself to the deluxe spa massage package) and then ate a ridiculous amount of popcorn while watching 50 Shades of Grey. Oh yes we did. If you saw the movie/read the book, what did you think? I liked it but thought they left a lot out about Ana's job/life etc that actually gave her a bit of depth. But otherwise I liked it! 

Drew texted me while we were in the movies and said we were in for a surprise when we got out..and we were. It wasn't snowing when we went into the mall, 4 hours later we were in a blizzard with 4-5 inches of snow that had fallen while we were in there.

The snow stopped early Sunday morning. And then started again! They weren't kidding when they said we were in for the storm of the year (so far!) But I so enjoyed the Sunday at home with my family. 

We played outside some (in the love 9 degrees) and made delicious pink snow cream- which Tindra basically thought was the greatest thing ever. 

Throughout the day we got even more cleaning and organizing done, and bassinet building completed, so now I feel like maybe we can relax for the next couple of weeks till little man makes his debut! Hopefully not in the middle of a blizzard..

 ^As soon as T woke up Sunday morning she got herself dressed and went and fount hat and gloves and wait she was ready to go build a snowman.^
 ^It was way too cold for snowman building so they had to settle for snow angel making instead^
 ^Saturday night we remembered to set out a bowl to catch snow in for snow cream making^

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  1. You are really getting nested there!! T is so dang cute and so is J!! I hope I can see you tonight or tomorrow before we leave :( Bring the kids over for a little while I pack!!!! A part of me hopes you have your baby like tomorrow so I am here, but the other part is like Drew is here sooooooo idk about that one lol

  2. That snow icecream looks amazing!! So exciting that you're in the very last stretch to meet your little guy