Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Omaha Zoo

On our way back from Iowa at the end of July (has it already been that long?!) we decided to break up the 11 hr drive (Des Moines-Denver) with a stop in Omaha. Its about 2.5-3 hrs from Des Moines, so my mom and nephew came with us! 
We made a day out of it and went to the amazing Omaha Zoo and then stayed at a hotel really close by. We got there shortly after the zoo opened and spent 6 hours there and still didn't see it all. It's Massive. 

We happened to pick The very hottest day of the year to go (I think it was like 104 degrees) but between all the water and drink breaks and the air conditioned buildings, we were fine! Though yes, a tad bit sticky. I think the aquarium and the penguins were a personal favorite here! Not just for the cute penguins, but for the icy cold AC!

The Omaza Zoo is such an interactive zoo. There's a play ground, a petting zoo, camel and train rides, bird feeding, and much more! If the kids weren't so hot and tired by 4 we could have stayed even longer and probably still not seen and done everything zoo has to offer!

We ended our day with some pool time at the hotel and the Best Pizza, Valentinos (a Nebraska must) delivered to our hotel. I wasn't sure how two two year olds and a 6 year old would do sleeping in a hotel room together, but everyone was so tired (including my mom and myself) we all fell asleep early!

*We were provided with zoo passes, but all opinions are 100% my own! 

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  1. Wow, 6 hours there and you still hadn't seen everything? That's one big museum and I bet that you had a great time from the look of these photos! Breaking up long drives with a fun activity seems like a must when you are traveling with little nuggets. Great photos! :)