Friday, September 19, 2014

Return to regularly blogging?

It's no secret it's been quiet over here on the blog for the last couple of months. First there was being gone in Sweden for three weeks. Then it was recovering from being abroad for three weeks. And all the fun jet lag that comes with it. Then there was our week and a half trip to Iowa. And then there was Yellowstone. And while in Yellowstone is when I started experiencing this lovely little thing called morning sickness. Except for me it should be called "feel 'okay' in the morning, feel crappy by lunch time and feel like death by dinner before I throw up and pass out at 8 PM"

On top of all that fun Tindra had her double eye surgery and literally couldn't be left alone for 6 seconds for two weeks. Which means I had to lay down with her for her naps and she bed time where she slept with me. (To make sure she didn't touch/rub her eyes.) So things have been a tad crazy over here. And I have spent most of Tindra's nap times either throwing up or laying in front of the window unit in my bedroom set to 60 degrees. 

I'm now 14 weeks and fingers crossed will start feeling better soon. My OB gave me some medicine to try yesterday since I'm still throwing up at 14 weeks and still down weight (about 5 lbs so not a ton but it's time to start gaining now) so I'm really hoping that works or this most of the day nausea ends really soon. I made a 'real' dinner for the kids and Drew (absolutely refuse meat right now) today so maybe that's a sign the worst is over? 

All this rambling to say is I intend to be back to blogging regularly by next week. I miss this amazing blogging community and can't wait to jump back in! I have a lot of catching up to do- mainly re our trip to Sweden!

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  1. finally! sorry you have been so sick!

  2. That sounds rough! Hope you start feeling better soon!
    It's all worth it though, at the end of these nine months there will be a sweet little baby to cuddle! You can do it!
    I can't wait to read more about your trip to Sweden!