Monday, April 14, 2014

That mom.

I always assumed spending weekend mornings, or week night evenings watching my children at their various sporting events would just be something I had to do. Just a part of being a parent. I've never hugely enjoyed attending sporting events, except of course when theres yummy nachos involved. Just wasn't my thing. I played some sports in jr high, softball, basketball, volley ball and ran track in high school, but I was never very competitive or any good. I just did it to be around the boys if we are being totally honest here. 

I never thought I would be that mom. You know the ones who gets excited, like Really excited to watch their kids games. Turns out, I was very wrong. During Jaspers first real soccer game of the season on Saturday I was so into it you would have thought I was watching my team play in the world cup. I was anxiously cheering loudly the whole time. On the edge of my seat or actually out of my seat jumping and screaming as Jasper helped lead his team to victory with his three goals (out of 5 I believe.) Afterwards I kept talking to Drew about how surprised I was with just how much I enjoyed it! Like actually Loved watching him play. This is the 3rd year he has done soccer, but honestly in the 'munchkin' league its just not the same thing. Barely any rules, and really just a mini scrimmage against other teams. But the league he is now is very similar to a real soccer game with a referee and everything and he just had a blast out there. I can't wait to watch him play for years to come and hope it's really something he will stick with!

I was too busy watching the game (and Tindra between Drew and I) that I didn't even think to take any pictures till this one right at the end taken a few seconds after he scored his hat trick goal (a soccer term I learned this weekend, guess that officially makes me a soccer mom?)

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  1. im not surprised you have become that mom. i can see how much those kids mean to you

  2. woohoo on the hat trick! Thats impressive, I played all through high school and never got that!

  3. Love it! Good for Jasper for his hat trick!