Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Potty talk.

Unless you are a mother to a toddler I'm expecting zero interest on this post, and even if you are, still not super exciting. But I've had people ask about it so why not.

Tindra has been 100 percent potty trained (during the day) for about 5-6 weeks now. At around 18 months she started showing signs that she was ready, so we potty a potty chair. Those signs for her were following me into the bathroom and watching me go, saying 'mamma pee' whenever I went etc. She also started telling me when she had gone in her diaper and letting me know when it was time to change her. 

After we got her potty chair (just a cheap, simple one at Ikea) she would sometimes sit on it when she was naked and go potty. When she did, we would make a big deal out of it, clap for her, give her a coconut cashew (which she thinks is candy) and lots of praise. 

Around 20 months we started having 'naked mornings' when we were home. We would just put a shirt on her and let her run around naked, and most of the time when she had to pee she would run and sit on the potty and do her thang. Yes I just said thang. 

Right at 22 months I was grabbing a (cloth) diaper to put on her because we were heading out and she said 'noooo, teeter no that' as in nope, not happening I'm not wearing a diaper. She went and grabbed a pair of her my little pony underwear and put them on. And that was that! She's been wearing underwear ever since and hasn't had a single accident (knock on wood!) And that's basically the story of how my not even two year old potty trained herself! 
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  1. how is she potty trained before two?

  2. Wow, that's awesome! I have no idea if Micha's ready yet. He does think it's pretty interesting when I go the bathroom, and he always tells me when he's gone # 2. Potty training does kinda scare me, but for you and T, it seems like it wasn't even such a big deal! Maybe I should give it a go too!

    1. she made it super easy! I just followed her lead! Jasper was really easy also but I didn't even attempt him till 27 months, hadn't even crossed my mind till then and then all it took was three days. I think when they are really ready it's pretty simple! Also if they liked to be bribed :)

  3. Great to hear that. Some moms get frustrated potty training their kids but yours just came out naturally as early as that. =)