Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life Lately.

Through my iPhone, and some of Drew's.
 ^Jasper got a fish (who he named Martin) from Santa and almost every day after school he reads to him^

 ^Mamma and T brunch date^

 ^New years day the kiddos and I celebrated with the ball drop at the Children's museum^
 ^After Tindra went to bed new years eve, Jasper, Drew and I played games and drank sparkling juice and watched and^
old new years ball drop on youtube before he went to bed. I actually made it to new years this year!

 ^One of Jasper's last days of Christmas break we went to a great indoor pool/rec center with friends, it was hard to^
drag them out of the pool after three hours. They are both such little fish^

 ^We spent the very last day of Christmas break with friends celebrating Epiphany (Which I knew^
basically know nothing about but involved delicious cake and finding baby Jesus!
 ^Tindra started gymnastics and loves it! Not surprising.^
 ^Jasper started basketball and Tindra does Not love standing on the sidelines watching him practice^

^Finally I'm in a book club! I've basically wanted to be in a book club since probably high school (book nerd alert) and^
 this one came with wine, delicious snacks, 'naughty apples to apples' and some fun girls! (Most of which I had never met before!) Also, I never would have met any of these girls if it weren't for blogging. Crazy huh? I had so much fun with fellow bloggers KymSami and Alexes, our host Christa and all the other girls! 

 ^We celebrated this guys 27th birthday with BBQ on Saturday. He's officially old like me!^
Also I promise you he wasn't grouchy (in fact he was thrilled for all that meat) he just isn't a fan of having
his picture taken while he's eating. 

^Found all the above pictures on Drew's phone from Christmas. They were so happy with their new swing!^
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  1. i want to join a book club! what book did you read?

  2. I love how cute Jasper and Tindra are together! They seem like they really love each other! Cuties!

  3. is that you in in the swimsuit?

    1. no thats a friend who is in much better shape than i am!

  4. Your kiddos are so cute! Christa would kill you if she knew that picture was on the interwebz haha :)

    1. Ah crap I should probably take it down then. Though I did warn her it was going up! Maaaaybe why she was covering her face up!

  5. I love your girls glasses. When I was younger I had a friend who had glasses and I was desperate to have some too to the extent where I pretended I couldn't see hehe