Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

We were lucky enough to have my baby brother and his girlfriend here for a couple of days, so we dragged them along to Zoo lights the night before Christmas Eve. We have been saying we are going to go for years but something always gets in the way (last year it was the sub zero temps and before that we have always been gone for the weeks surrounding Christmas) Now that we have had the chance to go, it will definitely be added to our holiday traditions! Walking around looking at Christmas lights while sipping on a hot (adult) beverage was really the perfect way to spend the night before Christmas Eve! And Jasper thought it was really awesome to be at the zoo in the dark, especially seeing the elephants up close at night time! Funny/crazy/dumb story- as we were walking out a bunch of firetrucks and an ambulance came up to the zoo, and then we found out the next day some drunk lady had climbed into the elephant exhibit. Smart huh? Had to have been minutes after we left the elephants, not going to lie I think I would have liked to see that! Bet it was crazy to see. 

 ^Tindra had her first candy cane and was most definitely a fan^

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