Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our week in Iowa

We had the most amazing week back in Iowa, like always! I just love being there seeing my brothers, sis, mom (parents this time as my dad and his family came from Yellowstone as well) nieces, nephew and friends! It's so much fun seeing J and T play with their cousins. They might live far away, but they still have such a great bond and I can't wait to watch them grow together! 

Here's a few (dozen) pictures of our time in Iowa!

^Tindra with her cousin Owen^
^Uncle Wayne (my brother) with T and cousins^
^My mamacita and oldest brother^

^Owen looks a liiiiittle afraid^

^We did Christmas with my family while in Iowa since we aren't going back this year^

^My step sister, half brother and J. He has an uncle that's younger than him. Talk about confusion!^

 ^Cousin love!^
 ^Drew and I got to sneak out for a few hours in the middle of the day (unheard of!)for some^
Christmas shopping and coffee! Pure bliss!

 ^My dad and two (older) brothers^
 ^Family! My siblings and mamma^
 ^We got to meet up with some friends for the Christmas parade!Always good to see them^
^Loved seeing these girls! Ooooold friends! Las time we had a reunion (besides Al's wedding!)was^ when we were all Sweden in 2011!
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