Tuesday, December 31, 2013


What a fast year it has been! I think I feel that way every year, but I honestly have no clue where this year has gone! I absolutely love having a blog to be able to go back and look and see what we have done this year, because I think without it I would have forgotten like 80% of it. Kids will do that to you! Since I've been going back through the year, I though I'd share some of our most memorable moments in 2013!
At the end of December through beginning of January I took the 12 hr train solo with both kids for the first time and we were in Iowa for I think just under 2 weeks. It was an amazing/unforgettable trip and I'm so glad I had the chance to be able to do that with the kiddos before my mom moved out of the house I spent jr high/ high school in. Having my grampsy there from North Carolina for most of the trip made it even more special. 

One of the funnest days I remember we had in March was perfectly ordinary but so special at the same time. We had a really great blizzard on a weekend (I swear they normally seem to happen during the week) but this one was either a Saturday or a Sunday, so Drew and Jasper were home with us. Instead of being stuck inside we decided to brave the weather and go on a long walk to lunch in the blizzard. So much fun! Can't wait to some more snow storms, the really good kind, so we can do that again! 

In the beginning of April my mom came and stayed for the week, which I LOVED. I miss seeing my mom on a regular basis with her (or rather us) living 700 miles away, so having her to myself for a whole week is just the best. And apparently so much fun I barely took any pictures. 
And then this little lady turned one. I still don't know how that happened. 
We had the Best summer. I mean really. Daily adventure of bike riding, farmers market trips, discovering new pools and parks, really just the best. 

2014, you are going to have a Really hard time beating 2013's summer. 
We also took two road trips to Iowa (one just me and the kids) and of course our trip to Yellowstone. That was definitely a major hi-light of 2013. 

When we got back from all of our trips Jasper started first grade! Big big change for all of us, but especially him.

Fall was filled with pumpkin patch trips and halloween festivities with my little parrot and pirate!

In november we went up to Glenwood Springs for the weekend and it was definitely one of my favorite weekends of the entire year. 

We also made our trip back to Iowa in November for thanksgiving, and had a wonderful trip seeing our families. 

We ended out the year with an amazing Christmas just the four of us. 

2013 was a fun, busy year and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

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