Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was such a fun day. We had a Swedish Christmas Eve dinner planned (Julbord- Christmas table) with a couple of our close Swedish friends here in Denver. It was the perfect plan since neither of us (minus one husband) really have our families here, so getting together with friends to celebrate is the next best thing. I think we started a new tradition we have to keep up because it ended up being So much fun! One family had to cancel last minute due to a very sick little girl and we missed them! Just another reason we need to do it again next year!

 ^I started off Christmas eve morning by attempting to make Swedish 'crack' candy and burning ^
my fingers but it was delicious

 ^Just some of the amazing Swedish food^

 ^Jasper was preeeetty excited about getting 'julmust' a drink kind of like a flat, sweet coke only^
consumed during Christmas

 ^Miss T is obsessed with Swedish meatballs. And no other meat^

 ^Glogg is my favorite. A warm drink with a bunch of different spices and wine^

^Watching Kalle Anka's Jul online, another Swedish Christmas eve tradition^

Having such amazing friends close by makes having family so far away a lot easier and I'm so grateful for them all. 
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