Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Lucia is one of my favorite holiday traditions. We used to celebrate it in Sweden every year growing up and then stopped when we moved to the US, but I was determined once I had kids of my own that I would continue with those cozy traditions I had growing up. So we do! They also do a big Lucia celebration at our Swedish school, and while it wasn't on December 13th this year (Lucia day) it was still so much fun to celebrate with a real Lucia tag (lucia train.)
I honestly had no idea how Tindra would do since she's so young, but I decided to dress her up and go with the flow and see if she wanted to walk with her class (she's the youngest there) or go sit with me. Turns out all she needed was a 'big girl' to hold her hand and she was good to go! 

 ^There's my little santa in white shirt^

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  1. So cute! I've never heard of this tradition, but it seems like a fun one!