Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday morning randoms. Sorry it's all over the place I haven't finished my coffee yet.

I wasn't feeling particularly thankful this morning when I woke up. My baby (toddler?!?) woke me up at an ungodly hour, over an hour before the ungodly hour I have my alarm set for. And I stayed up way too late last night, so three hrs of sleep doesn't leave me feeling super grateful. 

It's been a rough couple of weeks, and I was grouchy. Jasper even told me I was grouchy. Ouch. 

And then I sat down with my coffee after I walked Jasper to school and read an article about a teenager who has been in TWO plane crashes. One which killed his mother, sister and brother but not him and his father. And then 8 years later another one, this one killed his father and step mother. I mean, are you kidding me? TWO plane crashes that kills his entire family, and the kid is still pursing his dreams and sounds like he's a pretty gracious guy. And I'm grouchy and ungrateful over lousy sleep, a hyperactive toddler and some illnesses? Pathetic. 

So this morning I'm choosing to be thankful. Because I have so much to be thankful for. Even if the only thing I have to be grateful for (and it's not, I have such a list) is that my family is still here and well, that's more than enough. 

An appropriate time to choose to be thankful since we are headed to have Thanksgiving lunch with Jaspers class in an hour. 

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