Friday, November 22, 2013

Glenwood Springs Lodge and Hot Springs

For our getaway last weekend we decided to stay at Glenwood Springs Lodge for a few reasons.
1. Its literally right next to the hot springs, which we knew we were going to be visiting frequently.
2. Included in our stay at Glenwood Springs, we got daily unlimited access to the hot springs which is normally $15/person (cheaper for kids) which is obviously not cheap! But we went Friday, Saturday And Sunday, and if we had stayed anywhere else that would have cost us almost $150 just to go sit in the hot springs, instead we got in free very time!.
3. Major bonus for staying at the Lodge, we got free AMAZING continental breakfast! And I'm talking Real, hot break fasts. They have a huge menu to choose from, you just order what you want, how many times you want and eat eat eat! We ate so much each breakfast we were stuffed till early afternoon. A billion times better than a stale bagel and some cold coffee, right? 
So basically, this is the place to stay. 
Like I mentioned, we went to the hot springs each day we were there (twice on Saturday!) and it was probably the hi lite of the trip if I have to pick just one. It was beyond anything I've ever experienced. 
The kids fell asleep on the way up to the mountains at 6 (I know, right?) so by the time we got there at 8 they were ready to go swimming! They are normally in bed before 8 (T always is) so it was extra special for them also to be up and outside when it was dark, but not only that, they got to go swimming! In a hot spring! If I had to use one word to describe this experience, it would be magical. Straight out of a fairy tale, sitting in the 'healing' hot water, with mist and fog all around and just a few dim lights. Magical. 

We had the most fantastic weekend in Glendwood Springs and are already discussing when we can go next, I'm thinking early summer! Only one side of the hot spring is super hot (104 degrees) the other side was in the low 90's, so perfect for  dip on a cool summer evening in the mountains. Weekends like these make me so incredibly grateful to live in Denver, where weekends like these are a possibility with just a short drive. 

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