Friday, November 15, 2013

Life lately: Iphone addition.

Because when ya don't have much to write, you share pictures. 

1. T waiting for the pizza delivery last friday night. Naked. Because why not?
2. Saturday morning horse back riding at King Soopers. Jealous? 
3. Blogger brunch date, at Snooze with the lovely KymSami and Hannah, can we talk for half a second how much fun meeting other bloggers are? They just get It. The it being the weird world of blogging of course.
4. Friends brought this over last weekend, and I sort of fell in love and Drew went out and bought me more. He's good like that. I think I'll keep him.
5 .Fall. 
6.7.8. Early weekend Dunkin Donut trip. Denver finallyyyyyy has one!
9. Back to back photo shoots in Wash Park! So, SO much fun. 
10 .60 one day, 30 the next day. Welcome to Denver in the fall.
11.Walk in Wash Park with Kym and Brutus. Tindra fell in love. 
12. The most delicious cheeser burger, fries and deep fat fried mushroom were consumed in Glenwood Springs after our ridiculous Hanging Lake Hike. We felt like we earned it. I've been thinking about that cheeseburger ever since. 
13. 14.15. My friend Sarah and a couple of her bloggy friends threw a great party last night at Snooze to college turkey's and canned goods for Denver Rescue Mission to feet those in need this Holiday season. Bloggers, (and blog readers!) amazing food and benefiting those in need? Doesn't get much better than that! And I felt wearing a Stitch Fix top to a blogger meet up was sort of a must. 

Happy weekend friends! We have hopefully an Ikea trip for a bed board and possibly mini van shopping this weekend, So I guess we are officially grown ups? 

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  1. blogger meet up sounds so fun! i should probably start a blog so i can meet up! :)

    1. lots of fun! and you should totally start one :)

  2. these kinds are my favorite posts!