Monday, November 4, 2013

I should probably wrap up Halloween posts since it's November right?

Yeah..thought so. 
So last weekend we did the boo at the zoo deal. We have done it every year since Jasper could walk. It's a great event, kids get to do a little safe trick or treating with difference stations throughout the entire zoo, and also get to visit all their favorite animals. In the past we have gotten there pretty close to opening time and had to walk 20 +min just to get into the zoo, and since I had a photo shoot in the afternoon I needed to get to, I wanted to get right in and out and not have to worry about walking 45 min just to get to and from our car. So we got there about 10 min. before they were supposed to open, got perfect parking AND they were already letting people in! So no line! Plus, they had free hot pumpkin spice coffee waiting by the gate, so really, it was the way to do it. 

Last weekend we also did our pumpkin carvings. This was the first year we let Jasper do it completely on his own, and he did a fabulous job. He was also our official gut scooper. Important job obviously. We tried to get Tindra to scoop out the guts and seeds and it was Hilarious. She doesn't like her hands dirty, but she would reach in, grab a little handful, throw it on the table and laugh hysterically. And then she would carefully pull over piece of slime and seed off of her hand, before shoving it back in and doing it again. Obviously ridiculously adorable. 

And a couple more pictures of my parrot and pirate from before we left to go trick or treating. Their costumes were all Jaspers idea. He was going to be a ninja turtle and T was going to be a garden gnome, but then he saw the parrot costume and insisted that they had to be matching. This is probably the only year she won't insist on princess crap so might as well get them matching ones just this once! And that wraps up our halloween! Now if someone would just come here and pick up the 10 pounds of candy we have leftover that would be great. Otherwise I'll just have to plow through them to get them out of the house faster, makes sense right? 

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  1. Aww, they're the cutest pirate and parrot I've ever seen!