Monday, July 1, 2013

Life Lately

We might be buying our house (that we are currently renting and have been for almost two years.) Or we might be moving. Or maybe both. Confusing huh? Our neighborhood is Perfect. After going for a Sunday drive throughout some nearby neighborhoods, we have pretty much decided we don't want to move far. Like two miles MAX. Even though just by going like 3 miles away we could have Much more space for the same price or cheaper. But location is number one to me. I need our neighborhood to feel safe and homey (which currently it certainly does) and be close to restaurants and shops (which it is) safe (is) and close to jaspers school. So right now we have all that. But we need an extra bedroom. And another bathroom would be nice. So we might be buying and adding an extra bedroom. Or moving. 

The problem with moving (besides the Actual hassle of moving with two children) is that houses go SO freaking fast in our neighorhood. I saw a house listed on craigslist friday morning, we emailed about it, took a bike ride to look at it. Cute, three bedrooms brick house just 1/2 a mile away from us right now. Perfect. Price was a liiiitle high (I mean this is Denver, not NYC and people want 2500/month for 2-3bedroom SMALL houses) but it was doable. They emailed us back by noon saying it hadn't been shown yet but they already had someone wanting to put a deposit on the house (WITHOUT EVEN SEEING IT) but if it fell through we were 6th in line. Okay great thanks. 

Moving on..

I'm wanting a new lens for my camera, any photographer recommendations? I was thinking either a 70-200 or 28-75? Anyone have any experiences with either of these? 

We took one of our longest bike rides yet this weekend, just under three miles one way down to a different farmers market. I'm So impressed with how Jasper did. The way down was nice and easy, slow down hill. The way back, you guessed it UP HILL. My thighs were on fire about 1/3 of the way through. But Jasper just kept pumping his little legs and didn't complain once. Next Lance Armstrong perhaps (ya know, with out the illegal blood steroid scandal deal?) 

Jasper had his friends birthday party this past Saturday. More on that later when I get the pictures loaded, but this kid was in  HEAVEN. Think pool party + cake + BFF's+ floating island thing. Yeah, pure joy. 

Okay enough rambling for now. Happy monday! And happy July! 

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  1. Your bebe's are the cutest =) I hope to meet y'all soon!!

    (and I mean that in the least creepiest way possible. I promise I pass a CORI and I have all my shots) ;)

    1. Well as long as you are up to date on all vaccinations... Excited to meet you! Let me know if you have any questions about the area!