Monday, July 29, 2013


The start of my 27th year has been great so far! It really started last night with pottery painting and dinner with my girlfriends which was an amazing time. This pottery place is Amazing- they even serve wine! Perfect for a girls night. And sure, my big coffee mug I painted might not have turned out quite as good as my friends (some of us have Zero craft skills) but it was still a great time.

Today has bee great as well. Drew gets major bonus points on his gifts this year. He went with a little photography/blogging theme (apparently my only hobbies. Truth) and completely surprised me. Which is hard to do. We met up with Drew for lunch and work and now the babes are napping and I'm watching Orange is the New Black (have you seen it) and refusing to fold the pile of laundry sitting at my feet, because It's my birthday. And I don't fold laundry on my birthday. 

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  1. happy birthday! What did you get ?!

  2. happy birthday! hope its fantastic

  3. may 27 be your best yaer yet!