Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Your husband is an idiot for riding (a bike) without a helmet" - Anonymous.

Thank you for the sweet comment! But in all honesty, I don't disagree with you, though maybe I would have phrased it a little bit nicer if I was approaching a stranger on the internet about it. 

Drew has a large head. I used to jokingly tell him in high school there was no way I was having his babies because of his large head..well, obviously I spoke too soon since I did give birth to two of his rather large headed children. Jasper especially. His head was 15 in around when born, over 100%. Ouch huh?

Our first family bike ride this year was to the local bike store to find a helmet for Drew, turns out, his large head proves to be a bit of a problem for helmets. They all give him headaches within trying it on for 45 seconds in the store. We were given some different brands to try for extra large heads- because it turns out one size does NOT fit all heads, so we are still on the look out for one, but yeah, I wish he was wearing a helmet. But I'm not his mother. I don't tell him what to do (most of the time anyway.) My children have their helmets on every single time, and after having kids now I wear one as well though to be honest I never used to wear a helmet. And I don't enjoy helmet hair. But I need to set a good example for them and I also need to be around for them, so helmet it is!

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  1. Wow, anon comments are the best hey? psh..

  2. Good answer (no not original anonymous) my husband does things all the time i dont agree with, not a whole lot i can do about it