Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday Girl.

I'm still waiting on pictures for her party on Saturday, my friend Cyndi was nice enough to take pictures, so we will skip right to her birthday which was on Sunday!

Also, it's been quiet around here because I've felt like death for this past week, and finally after the 2nd night in a row of having coughing fits so hard I was throwing up (joy!) I went into urgent care where I had this breathing treatment thing and was sent home with antibiotics and an enhaler for my bronchitis.

Anyway. Moving on!

Tindra of course woke up bright and early on her birthday ready to Party. And party we did!

 I attempted to make banana pancakes for the first time, and I'd say it was a success! She loved them!

 After breakfast it was present time! This little girl was Spoiled! Presents arrived from many different states. I'm so glad my kids have so many people that love and want to celebrate them. Even if they couldn't be here for her day, they sent their love (and gifts!)

 After opening gifts and playing with them for a while she took a nice 2.5 hr nap (her new thing!) and then we headed off to lunch and to play at Wash Park.

 "Hey this is how Tindra was a year ago in my belly"

 After another nap it was cake time. Which she obviously hated. 

Still can't believe this little girl is ONE. I mean, how did that happen? 


  1. Aah, she is the cutest little girl!
    I love that picture of you holding her upside down, good thing she wasn't that big a year ago, gheghe ;)!
    These photos are making me all excited for Micha's first birthday! Only, 3 months to go! Eeek!

    1. Those next few months will FLY!! ANd thank you! :) Feeling much better!

  2. Oh, and I hope you feel better soon, pretty mama! :)

  3. oh no feel better! bronchitis is the worst. looks like her birthday was a good one!

  4. Shes so gorgeous! What cloth diapers do you use?? I want to cloth diaper my son due in august!

    1. THank you! We use a combination of fuzzi bunz, gro via, bum genious (pictured) and oh katy- BG's are def. our favorites!

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  6. Wow! I cannot believe she is one either! She looks so beautiful though! And I love that she is celebrating while eating the cake! Totally reminds me of how my daughter eats lol. Happy birthday Tindra! <3