Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to survie a 700 mile road trip with two kids.Alone.

Make a detailed plan. 
Use a map and the wonderful world of google and figure out the best places to stop for gas and bathroom breaks and know you won't make any unscheduled stops. 
Bring books and educational games for the 4 year old, and healthy snacks such as apples and cheese. Just because you are on a road trip doesn't mean junk food needs to be consumed. 

Now throw out that plan and all expectations. 
Bust out the DVD and head phones. 
Listen to your child's vacation bible school CD 7 times if it keeps him happy.
Drink a lot of caffeine. 
Don't be discouraged if your baby spits up in her outfit and the only thing you have handy is her brother's shirt. It will make a cute dress. 
Make unscheduled stops. Lots of them. 
And yes, you will resort to road trip junk food. 

But you WILL survive to tell the story of how you drove through 3 states, 700 miles with a 12 week old and 4 year old. 

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  1. wow. i am very impressed. way to go mamma! way to go red bull!