Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Couch to 5K

30 day shred? HA. Yeah that lasted about a day and a half. I did it twice (okay couldn't even make it through the 2nd time) and it felt like my insides were literally being ripped into a million pieces. I don't quite think that's what Jillian Michaels meant when she named it the 30 day shred. Maybe trying it 7 weeks after a c-section wasn't the best idea.

But I have been doing the mama mio tummy boot camp, I have another week and a half left then I'll post results. I can tell a difference! Not sure if anyone else can, but this is about how I feel and I do feel better!

So my new fitness plan. 

Couch to 5k. If you know me you are probably laughing out LOUD right now. I'm the girl that while in track (only joined for the cute boys, one in particular, obviously) got my friends dad to pick us up from school every day and drive us to the track (pre license) where we would sit and eat deliciously gross snacks like funions and swiss cake rolls. Since we would show up 20 min before everyone else (they all walked) we would park our butts at the finish line and pretend we had already done the 800M warm  up that we were required to do when we arrived. Laaazy! PLUS hated running. Still do.

I'm also the girl who (with the same friend as mentioned above) hid out in the bathroom while they announced the 4x800 relay so we didn't have to run and pretended we couldn't hear them call our names over the loud speaker in front of half the town to hear. 

And I'm the girl who gets shin splints any time I've done any running and used to have to have her track coach tape up her legs for meets. 

AND lastly I'm the girl who runs completely flat footed. On rainy days we used to have to run the hallways of the high school and I ran so loud and flat footed everyone would know it was me coming around the corner just by the sound of my feet hitting the halls.

All that to say, I hate running. And am quite bad at it. I haven't ran more than a block since my Sophmore year of high school (the boy I joined track for graduated after that so obviously no need to run anymore) so I'm really starting from scratch on the whole running thing. Ten years, two pregnancies and a c-section later I'm ready to attempt this thing.

I've completed 3 work outs following the couch to 5k program and so far feel good about it! The most miserable part of it is the heat. I've done it at 9:30 PM and it's still about 88-90 degrees at night. YUCK.

If anyone wants to join me for motivation I'd love it!! I'm going to need all the motivation I can get. Any runners out there? That actually hate running and suck at it? I could use any advice/tips! 

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