Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday I turned 26. For the last week the boys have been asking what I wanted to do for my birthday. Last year Drew threw a little surprise party for me (no one has ever surprised me as much as he did!) and this year I just wanted to keep it low key, hang out with my little family.

The day started off with me getting to sleep in till nine, NINE! Best present ever! I woke up to my favorite breakfast, a Starbucks Frapp and a Panera bread suffle. Then we hung out and watched Olympics for a couple of hours while T took a morning nap. Then we headed to the pool! I got to relax with a cold cherry coke and a magazine while T napped again in the shade and the boys played in the pool. After T woke up she hung out in the pool for a little while also. She LOVES the water!

On Moi: 
Hat: birthday present from J! Doesn't he have great style? 
Dress: Forever 21
Swim suit: Sweden from 2009. It's starting to get a little frayed looking but I'll wear it till it literally falls apart because it's my Favorite!

On J: 
Swim suit, H&M

On T: 
Dress and matching hat: Gymboree
Swim suit: Target
Sun hat: H&M