Thursday, October 8, 2015

Zippadeezip review and giveaway

You guys know by now how much I love sharing my favorite 'must have' baby products with you when I come across them, and the zippadee-zip is another one you need to add to the list.

I first heard about zippadee-zip from a friend when I was pregnant with Soren. She wast just transitioning her baby out of the traditional swaddle and said the zippadee-zip was a life saver, so naturally I made sure to book mark their page for future use as I remember the struggle with Jasper and Tindra when I was transitioning out of a swaddle. Tindra would have preferred to stay swaddled in her wombie till Kindergarten I'm pretty sure. 

We decided to start the transition out of the woombie last month when Soren was almost 5.5 months and not going to lie, I wasn't excited to make the change since day one (or like day 4 really) Soren has been zipped in his woombie and I was convinced the change was going to be horrible. 

I'm Thrilled to announce that I was wrong, so wrong. He made the transition beautifully. In fact, the first night he was in the zippadee-zip he slept from 7 PM to 5 AM! It hasn't happened again, since he still wants to nurse 3 times a night, but before that the longest he had gone was 4.5 hours, and now he's regularly sleeping 8 hour straight before waking to nurse. 

The zippadee-zip is so great because babies can keep wearing one even when they are rolling, crawling, sitting etc. It's so lightweight and flexible that it doesn't restrict their movements at all! A favorite feature of mine; it can be worn even when zipped buckled into carseats/swings/strollers etc. This is a big big bonus for us. Soren sleeps on the go often, and as soon as I buckle him up and lay him in his stroller, he knows it's nap time. Like I said, life saver!!

And now, for the best part, one of YOU lucky readers can win one! So go like ZippadeeZip on Facebook and enter below to win! 

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They also now offer amazing teethers for you to check out also! Good luck! 


  1. I love the Finn for A Cause Flying Squirrel. My brother is in the Navy so I love the anchors!

  2. I'd get the Finn for a cause one. Would like to help a baby out!

  3. The Beach Baby Too is my favorite. I really love anything nautical.

  4. Too hard to choose just one, but the limited edition turtle one is pretty cute

  5. I love the Goodnight Moon! Oh, and Girly Giraffe! Ah!

  6. the one soren is wearing!