Saturday, October 3, 2015

High point creamery

Third day in a row of blogging- whoa! Trying this from my phone so if it looks weird.. That's why. I was invited to come try out High Point Creamery's new fall flavors, so tonight after dinner we went. We became obsessed with High Point Creamery last summer (it's super close to where the kids go to Swedish school and right next door to one of our favorite burger places) so of course jumped at the chance to try their new fall flavors! They have the most unique flavors to choose from and they are all amazing! My favorite tonight was the pumpkin pie with a side of caramel, but Drew was obsessed with the malted chocolate. And the kids loved them all equally and refused to pick a favorite, but Tindra did inhale the Tipsy Peach preeeeeetttyy quickly so if I had to place bets, that's what I would put my money on as her favorite. Jasper said everything with Carmel on top of it was the Best thing ever. So basically, you can't go wrong. If you are in Denver, you definitely need to stop by! Great atmosphere, amazing  one of a kind flavors, basically can't go wrong! Thanks for having us High Point Creamery!

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