Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Monday!

Hope you guys all had a terrific weekend! Ours started out with no real plans, and ended up pretty busy. Just the kind of weekend we love around here! A little recap if you will.

Friday night we were planning on attending the holiday lighted parade in downtown Denver like years past, but after seeing Facebook groups planning protests for the parade, we decided to skip it. I didn't want to be apart of some stampede or craziness, or be stuck downtown if things got really crazy. It turned out not to get too wild, but I parts of the parade had to get rerouted do to people laying in the street, and people jumped in yelling behind santa? Not something I need to explain to my kids yet I don't think. Also heard reports of young kids getting knocked down with signs from the protestors. Sad that this happened at a parade for children. Instead of going, we cuddled up on the couch with the Grinch and hot chocolate. Not a bad friday evening!

Saturday we went to a neighborhood community Santa event that I had heard about on a Moms group I'm in. It's about 25 minutes from where we are now, but if we end up moving in that direction it would be only 10-15 minutes from us so I kind of wanted to go check out that community. Not going to lie, we felt a bit like 'Christmas crashers.' It was clear most people knew each other, even though its a little suburb of the city, it felt very small town like which was super cozy, but not something we experience here in the middle of Denver! The kids got to write letters to santa, play in a ginger bread house, play some lawn games, get their face painted and see Santa. It was one of the slooooowest lines ever, but when it was finally our turn I realized why. He talked to each kid for several minutes which was super cute. Tindra, who has been terrified of Santa actually sat on his lap, but kept her arms up so she could  touch him as little as possible. Baby steps! Jasper was thrilled to give his wish list, a basketball hoop and a pump for his basketball..that's it. So practical huh? And Tindra asked for a Elsa dress. Shocker. 

^Notice her right arm, hovering above Santa's arm so she wouldn't have to touch him^
Saturday evening I took Jasper to a ninja birthday party, and since then he hasn't stopped asking to play ninja outside. He was seriously in heaven. While J and I were at his birthday party, Tindra was at home getting a mani/pedi from dad so it's safe to say she had a good evening as well. 

Sunday we had decided would be a relaxing day at home before heading to Swedish class in the afternoon, but I had the brilliant idea to take the kids swimming at 8 AM. So we found a rec center that was open and headed off for a few hours of swimming. I guess I forgot how much these kids love swimming, since they haven't been in a pool since August, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have been as excited if I had announced that we were going to Disney World. And as thrilled as I was to put on a swim suit. In public, as soon as I was floating in the little lazy river on my back I quickly forgot about it. I forgot how weightless you feel in the pool, and when you are growing a most likely larger than average baby, that is a priceless feeling. I kept saying to Drew over and over again ' I don't even feel pregnant!' and as much as I love growing being a mother and am thrilled to get to do it again, I just don't enjoy the feeling of pregnant 99% of the time. So a few hours in the pool felt amazing. We decided this has to happen more often this winter. 

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