Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm Waiting.

For that second trimester energy. Since I've got just a week or two (or three? Everyone says different) left of second tri and…still no energy? I'm guessing it's not going to show it's face this pregnancy. 
I have 5 half finished posts I've been working on over the past two week.s And every day that I put Tindra down for her hap I have high intentions to sit down at my computer and blog. I even go sit at my desk (which we moved out of the office and into the downstairs living room/play room  in hopes that I'll be able to work a little more) but then I see my couch, right next to my computer. Just calling me. "Come lay down, for just a few minutes, you deserve it" And I shut down my computer and go lay down, you know. Just for a few minutes. And 90 minutes later, I hear Tindra calling me from her room telling me she's 'all done sweeping.' 
But I'm alive. Barely. Just thought I should check in after two emails from sweet readers asking me where I am/ how I am doing. 
This week has been more energy sucking than usual, so hopefully next week I'll be back with those posts! Thanks for sticking around, you guys are great. 
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