Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I figured if I said it with a !! I could fool myself into thinking I was excited to be back. I'm not. Not in the slightest. I could spend every day of the summer in Scandinavia, walking around Stockholm with an ice-cream in my hand, spending cozy evenings up north at our friends or in Oslo with our other friends, sipping coffee and playing games. I'm not going to lie, traveling children, especially internationally is exhausting and not super relaxing, but it's such an adventure. One I hope to relive over and over and over again! If I learned just one thing from this trip (spoiler, I learned more than just one thing!) about myself is that I really need more travel. I knew that about myself in theory, but actually doing it? Different story. A part of me that I don't think even exists when I'm at home seems to wake up when we travel. Almost like I feel more alive? Does that make sense? Not sure, but thats the best I can describe it. 

Now I'm off to go find a job that can just keep me traveling (with my family!) all the time. Does such a job exist? 

I'm going through our billion pictures so I'll be sharing more soon, but I couldn't post with out a least one picture :)

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  1. stunning picture! i have been waiting impatiently for your return so we can read all about your adventures!

  2. I've been anxiously waiting as well!! I need to hear more!!

  3. now need those travel tips we leave in 5 weeks