Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I was planning on leaving Sunday for Iowa but Friday I changed my plans to leave Saturday (long story!) so since Saturday night I have been at my moms in Iowa for a little vacation! I was exhausted Saturday night after the 11 hr car trip and tindra's consistent 3-4 am wake up since we got back from Sweden but luckily tindra decided Saturday night she would sleep through the night and till 8:30! And now we are back on schedule! We have been spending the last few days hanging out with family and just relaxing! The perfect kind of vacation after our crazy three week European vacation! I still have 2000 pictures to go through from our trip and soon I will start sharing those! For now, a couple Iowa pictures! 


  1. Aw look how cute the kids are together. I'll be going to Iowa for the first time in October for a wedding!

    1. where in iowa are you going? I love Iowa in the fall :) We got married there in October!