Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Promise I'm still alive..

sort of.

As of Wednesday/Thursday the nausea has started. For about a split second I was grateful because I read it's a good sign to be sick with morning sickness- means baby is healthy and everything is going good. Not even sure if that has any sort of truth to it, but since I haven't been to the doc yet (two more weeks!!) it made me feel like things are progressing as they should.

That gratefulness has passed and I'm just feeling horrible and miserable. Last time around I got sick. A LOT. I threw up probably 8-12 times a day. But it's weird because I didn't really feel nauseous at all. I would be in the middle of eating a steaming baked potato topped w/ sour cream and butter (had to have one every day at 4) and immediately would be hit with " Oh s**t I'm going to throw up NOW" I would run to the bathroom, throw up, then go sit down and continue to eat my baked potato. It didn't stop me from eating- in fact I would just ask Drew to stick another baked potato in the oven because one wasn't going to cut it anymore.

This time? If food wasn't need to grow this baby I doubt I would be able to be convinced to eat. I'm nauseous 24/7. Food smells horrible. I'm always thirsty and can't get enough water in me. But drinking makes me more nauseous. I basically just want to curl up on a ball on the couch in front of the AC blasting. I'm freezing Jasper and Drew out- they are huddled under blankets whenever we are in the living room while I feel like it's 90 degrees in here. Is this what menopause feels like?

Anyway, I guess that's what I've been an absent blogger. I used to blog during nap time or after J goes to bed. But now I nap while Jasper naps. And by 8 after J goes to bed I'm curled up on the couch, usually asleep by 9;30-10.

Moving on from complaining. Just needed to get that off my chest. And remind myself that I AM grateful to be pregnant. If being nauseous for a few months is what's needed to grow a healthy baby? I'll do it. And try not to complain to much.

We told our families this weekend. Wasn't planning to until at least after my appointment- but Jasper and I are leaving next Tuesday on the red eye to NC for my sister's beach wedding, where I'm her bridesmaid. If my little pooch doesn't give it away- my constant nausea and lack of wine drinking will clue them in- and I want her wedding week to be about only that not Oh My Gosh Darlene's Pregnant so I figured spilling the beans a week and a half before would let everyone get that out of their system and just focus on my baby sisters wedding.

This is the picture we texted all of our family members along with the caption New Family Picture..

I got calls and texts from my family within a minute..with excitement and congrats. Drew's family? Responded with texts like

 'Grass is looking good!'

'Jasper's feet are getting big' and

' Is that your yard?'
...so I guess they didn't get it? Kinda sad since my 80 year old grandpa even got it right away.

Oh and tonight I promise to have a SWEET giveaway up- I've been meaning to take pictures for it for days but tonight it WILL be up!


  1. Haha thats too funny about Drews family not getting it. I was lol. But that was such a cute way to tell people :)

  2. Love the way you told them lol, hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hope you start feeling better. I SO feel for you!

  4. Holla from a new followa.
    So, um, you've described my all-time nightmare: being nauseous and tired because of pregnancy yet still having to chase around a toddler. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I needed a three-hour nap, and was still in bed by 9 every night. Gah.
    Anyway...hang in there. I hope you're feeling better soon. Just a few more weeks before things start looking up, right???

  5. aww, i hope you feel better as the weeks go by! what a cute idea for a way to tell your family, even though some didn't get it ;) take good care!