Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby stats

How far along: 6 weeks this weekend
Size of baby:  A sweet pea! Soo tiny!
Total Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself in probably 6 months so NO idea- I'll start weighing myself now and count this as my starting weight. 
Maternity Clothes:Ha not yet but it's going to be Early this time around I can tell! 
Gender: Obviously too early to tell- but since Drew's family is 99% boys I'd be Shocked if it wasn't a boy
Movement: Nope
Sleep: It's all I want to do! I forgot how exhausting these first few months are. 
What I miss: Nothing yet. 
Cravings: Salty! Two days in a row I've had salty lay's potato chips for breakfast..oops. But before that I was drinking berry/spinach smoothies for 2 weeks straight! I'll get back to doing that. 
Symptoms: So tired! And thirsty. And I have to pee about 14 times a day. And the last two days I've had slight waves of nausea but I don't think I can count that as anything since I was So sick with J. I know what real morning sickness feels like, and this isnt it. yet. 
What I’m looking forward to:
Sept. 19th when I finally get to go to the doctor. And I'll be thrilled/relieved when                 I'm out of the first trimester. 

This was last week- I'm even bigger now!! 


  1. There's no bump yet silly lady :) You're just skinny! But i'm excited to see it when it does grow!! :-D

  2. you look great and soo tan! can't wait to see the baby bump!

  3. Congrats on your new babe!

    I just happened across your blog via. and have really enjoyed reading. I'm a two-weeks-shy-of-25 Denverite, 5 weeks pregnant with baby #1... and admittedly petrified to admit to friends/family/strangers that this was an intentional pregnancy (The horror! The insanity!)

    It's nice to read about other young, successful, happy parents. My husband and I need all the reassurance we can get! :)

    1. just found these old comments and saw this hope you and baby are great!!