Monday, September 19, 2011

Keeping things..interesting?

So we took the red eye from Denver to North Carolina on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning. Our flight left at 1 AM- and by 1:15 I was throwing up. I wanted to make sure I stayed hydrated so in between every time I threw up I was drinking water and taking bites out of my apple I brought along.

When we landed I wasn't feeling the greatest, heavy breathing and a little dizzy so I waited till everyone else got off before Jasper and I got off.

We were standing right outside the plane waiting for Jasper's stroller when the lady in front of me asked if I was okay. I was in the middle of telling her I was fine (my face must have said differently) when I started to fall backwards. I ended up fainting.

I 'came to' immediately so I wasn't ever unconscious for more than a few seconds, but then I don't know if I had a panic attack or what because as I was laying there I couldn't breathe very well.

Within seconds people were surrounding me (someone sat with jasper the Whole time this was happening, just a few feet from me so I could see them) and helping. They wouldn't let me sit up, even though I kept saying I needed to get to my connecting flight (Charlotte to Wilmington) police officers, EMT's and paramedics arrived.

I was hooked up to a heart machine. Had my blood taken and my pulse several times. They kept trying to convince me that I needed to go to the hospital, but I stubbornly refused. I had my sisters wedding to get too! Plus I fell on my back, not my stomach. That would have been a LOT scarier. Finally I had to sign paperwork saying I was leaving against medical consent or something like that and they stuck us in a golf cart thing to get us to our next flight.

The flight was going to be less than an hour and I knew I was to be meeting up with my uncle who in a doctor so I felt like getting on the plane was the best decision, not going to a hospital in a place where the only people I knew were 4.5 hrs south. I couldn't take Jasper to a hospital and go through tests and all that and have no family with Jasper. So on the plane we went.

The 2nd flight went fine, and my mom was able to get a special pass to go through security to be waiting for us right as we stepped off the airplane. And everything was fine after that!

I have my first OB appointment and ultra sound in 5.5 hours so I'll check back after then!!

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  1. omg thats so scary hope everythings okay & you're doing well! sending over hugs x